Racheal Agbo – Meet Our Ambassador!

We are happy to introduce to you Racheal Agbo, the Ambassador of the Master’s Degree Programme in International Business and Sales Management 2018 – 2019! Racheal is a first-year student of our programme who came to Finland from Nigeria. The Ambassador’s aim is to provide students’ views on the programme and let us hear students’ voices telling about student life. Read Racheal’s story and greetings to the existing and prospective students of IBS!
“I am Racheal Agbo, from Nigeria. I am currently studying master’s degree in International Business and Sales Management.
I was captivated by the idea of enrolling for this course because of its focus on international business and sales management, which suits my passion and background in business nicely. This zest led me to University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio and more precisely to Master’s degree in international business and sales management.
Before applying to this course, I discovered that the course module would equip me not only with the right skillset for an effective and innovative human and resources management, but also broaden my perspective through the various international networks and wealth of experience within this region.
The atmosphere in my study programme is quite multicultural, because we have the opportunity of studying with students from diverse academic backgrounds. Another interesting aspect in this course is that, we have lots of group work and also independent studying.
The consistent encouragement from our lecturers made our learning process easier and helps us excel in our studies. I believe that studying this course will provide me with an awesome job opportunity in an International firm in future.
Accepting to study at the University of Eastern Finland is a dream come true because, I have become one of the elite group of students gaining professional knowledge from the industrious lecturers and experiencing the beautiful scenery embedded in and around the institution.
I will not forget to mention that Kuopio is an adorable and lovely city. I fell in love with this city on my first arrival. It is very peaceful and they have good bus connection for students going to the university, exquisite cafes, restaurants, sports centres and they frequently organize attractive events. You cannot be bored living in Kuoipo 🙂 You are welcome to join IBS big family!”
We remind that the application period for the 2019 academic year lasts 1 November – 31 Junuary! The application details and procedure can be found by this link: CLICK